Awesome Side Trip!

It is truly difficult to find ‘life-work balance’ in my chosen field but at least sometimes I find a chance to get away from stress while working. Few days ago, I had to visit a student to have a dialog and I can not imagined how far he must travel from home to school. Although the road is concrete but it’s too far from the town and it’s quite sloped. I was with a friend and my sister so we can have a stroll after my home visit but we never expected we already got a breath of air on our way with literally fresh cool air.

My weight is never the same 5 years ago 🙂 I really find it hard to settle myself for a picture while on top of a water reservoir, and knowing how thick the grass below it. Good thing I was prepared for a hiking outfit 😀

The long ride on motorcycle was worth it. I get to speak with my student and his parents. The cool air and stunning views overlooking the mainland were a big bonus that really made a refreshing experience.


CBWC: Beginning with the Letter B or W

Back after a month of silence… Belated Birthday is the B entry for this week’s black and white challenge.

I had a quiet birthday last month. I did not tell my friends about my birthday but just a few minutes before work ends they realized it was my day so they bought ice-cream and chips. We had fun recollections of all my quiet birthdays while digging in the simple treat and took a few photos for the day. Just as I like…simple, no stress in preparation, quiet and short. I don’t like big party for my birthday but I do love giving big parties for my friends and relatives. I just don’t want to be the center of the celebration and attention. 😀

CBWC: Steps or Ladders

When I read the latest prompt for Cee’s black and white photo challenge I thought it agrees to my current situation. Steps and Ladders, for me it is like life’s indicator or a determining tool to tell how well one is living and surviving from every test to move on to the next step or criterion of life encounters.

Today was my first day of my class in my Master’s degree program. I am on the first step of my master’s ladder with mixed emotions and thoughts. But mostly, I prayed for strength and for positive perceptions of things, ideas and diverse possibilities to perdure and hopefully succeed in climbing towards the highest step.

15 Thoughts Rainy Days Bring to Mind

The past weeks were dragging and I certainly want to see the sun up again. Imagine waking up late but still dark outside because of dark clouds or fogs. Then you’re in haste for work because you’re already late and the rain’s incessantly falling forbidding you to be calm and thrilled for the day. Not to mention that everything you touch outside the house is either wet or cold even that express food that you used to eat hot . Sigh! It makes my head and temper hot as well.

One morning, I realized it won’t help me hating things inevitable and I can’t always be dead set against nature so I decided to write down my thoughts and reasons why I tend to be overly indignant or likely to spoiling a fight due to rain and the inconvenience it brought to my life. I know it will eventually bring a bruised relationship with family members or co-workers if I remain hot-tempered just because of the bad weather. I must pacify myself because right now, no one could help me get rid of my displeasure at the situation. Besides this has been a problem every rainy season for the past three years since I was assigned to a farther workplace. I truly need this self therapy and know all the reasons so that if it will happen to me again in the future, I must condition myself starting today so I can accept the situation freely.

Here’s what has been in my mind lately:

  1. Work Transfer is top in mind. I hate the feeling of hating my department for not seeing the difficulty we’re having (those who reside farther from work). We’ve been writing intent to transfer to a nearer work station from our residence several times but heard nothing and when rainy season comes, the thought of it is infuriating. Renting a place near work as the department suggests truly sounds ideal but not practical to us for so many reasons.
  2. Inconvenience, inconvenience! Rain simply brings inconvenience at home and work.
  3. The bad weather makes me a thinker, a loner, and hard-worker. I want to be occupied with work and do something to forget time so I could get back home and call it a day.
  4. I’m fragile during rainy season. Health isn’t at its best. Cough and cold attack made me sleepless and irritated.
  5. What to do when flood occurs? I know that if flood occurs, I can’t get home easily and it’s gonna be a problem.
  6. Food to prepare. I feel lazy to stay in the kitchen; bedroom is my favorite place these times. I usually have no idea what to prepare for meals and I just want coffee and movie. 😀
  7. Fatigue and Laziness. I don’t know about anyone but I really feel I’m always lazy and a bit tired during rainy days. I just want to stay in bed, drink hot cocoa and stare at the water dropping from the sky.
  8. Buy a new car. But I can’t really afford it this time. It’s not top of my priorities but it always come to mind every time heavy downpour is on my way to work. My only transport is motorcycle and it’s not ideal for rainy or stormy days.
  9. Daughter’s safety and health. I’m afraid when I’m gone for work she’s out playing in the rain and she might catch cold or fever. So I made a strict rule that she should stay inside the house most time of the day. But there is no guarantee such rule is effective when I’m not around to supervise.
  10. Too many plans of vacations when summer comes but I’m sure not all of them will happen. I just think a lot of things to do when I’m not doing anything but waiting for rain to stop perfectly.
  11. Laundry and more laundry! Even if I spin dry my clothes I still hang them to dry it. I hate touching or wearing damp and cold fabrics. They smell bad too!
  12. My plants love the rain but there are weeds enjoying too. The garden really needs weeding and the fence is broken but must wait until rain stops completely.
  13. Anxious at possible landslides in certain places or highways with elevation and especially in an area where volcanic rocks are likely to roll down to the hi-way roads where I normally take to work.
  14. Cold weather brings body pains, maybe psychologically 😀 Or it’s because I’m stressed out during the wet and cold travel from and to work.
  15. Cold weather makes me think business opportunities. Hopefully by the end of this month of early next month I am starting for another small-scale enterprise. For sure I’ll be blogging about it taking advantage of the e-commerce hype soon.

After listing these things, I examine myself of how important and sensible these things for me. I maybe just a whiner for some reason but it helps to read and re-read the list. Somehow it made me understand the situation that my physical self must survive and let the mind transcend bitterness or ill-feelings and difficult circumstances. The only thing I prayed hard for is a positive answer to my plan about my work transfer because it will make most of the inconvenience, self-pity and ugly thoughts go away. The situation today already happened and I’m not the only one who suffered the enigma and maybe someone has suffered even worse. So I just tell myself that it’s just for the rainy season, summer’s coming!

In or On Water Fun

Another theme for Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge is on and I’m up for it! I’m glad to be able to keep photos that fit to this interesting theme – In or On Water, and here they are!

Benone lagoon
Family’s day out
Sea, sun, fun, sand

I miss the times when we’re free to take vacations without too much restrictions from authorities and absolutely no worries of possible infections of Covid19. I pray the pandemic ends very soon. We’re more than eager to take at least short vacation to visit family and relatives or to travel to local relaxing destinations!

Stay safe! Be happy!

Rain, Rain All The Way

This week was a struggle gong to work. Rainy season here indeed and I hate it! I hate the messy and wet road and surroundings. I don’t like the cold and rain and the bad mood that comes with it. I may rant about the bad weather but it’s useless, I know. It’s inevitable and I had to work despite the inconvenience it brought this time.

Monday was…

Storm is coming…

Tuesday went like…

Had to stop somewhere to make sure my things aren’t wet. But I’m soaking, already!

Wednesday came… and still like this

Early morning to work

Thursday’s worst mood…

River’s not looking good anymore
Flooded road. Couldn’t get through and be home. Must wait till the water subsided.

Thankfully Friday looked…

I hope the weather’s great next week!

CBWC-Hot or Cold Things

Happy to share my photos for CBWC: Hot or Cold Things this week. Here are my photos:

Flaming firewood used in traditional kitchen.
Our store always run out of ice cubes so we improvised using ice wrappers so we can serve ice to customers.

DIY Saturday

I have so many things to do this weekend. There are paper works and gradings need to be done before Monday! It is undeniable that a teacher’s life is always busy and always buried with paper works! But instead of burying my face to all the mentioned tasks I bravely took a break from it and do the sewing. I thought I would finish something that I’ve been wanting to get done aside from school works. 😀

Oh, I forgot to mention that I have a lot of bougainvillea cuttings that are all ready to be transferred to bigger pots! My orchids and other plants also need fertilizer! The dog needs shampoo and the koi pond needs cleaning! My motorcycle needs washing and grocery shopping must be done. Just a few thing to do on weekend aside from the usual laundry 😀 I think they can wait… can they? 😀 😀 😀

So… what was my priority today? 😀


My face masks with matching turban!

I finished 3 face masks with matching turbans. I don’t really have other pretty designs of fabrics so I used what’s left on my supplies. I watched instructions from Youtube on how to make these. They’re practically easy to do but as a beginner I consumed more time for cutting and measuring as I want them measured perfectly to avoid mistakes. I don’t want to redo or fail on this because I really don’t have the luxury of time today. Gladly, my first finished products are not bad… I guess..? : -)

There you go, my finished DIY facemasks with turbans. I know this is nothing of value compared to my paper works but I badly need this kind of variation from perfunctory role I do everyday. This is only a way of recharging my exhausted emotional and mental strength! (I really sound defensive and in hurry! 😀 ) So, I’m going back to my paper works now… after I call someone to help me do my other chores 😀 I’m no Wonderwoman, just a bad decision-maker! 😀 😀

Next to make… 3D face masks! Soon!

Thank you for reading! Be safe! Be happy!

Flower of the Day – Jan 8

This flower has no other motive but to brighten one’s day and just bloom until someone is influenced by its beauty! I hope everyone had a wonderful week and may we all enjoy the weekend ahead!

I wish my flower of the day brings us good luck! 😀 Be safe! Be happy!

Cool Start of the Week

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