CBWC: Busy Photos But With A Purpose

Busy but with a purpose” sounds philosophical to me. I have a lot to say. I actually wrote my thoughts and decided to delete them. Ha Ha

So for this week’s challenge, here’s a photo of my friends donning a gown for the birthday celebrator’s photo shoot. The picture tells a lot of purposes from the chairs and tables for totally different uses to the wide windows, cabinet, wall clock, and framed photo. Not to mention the intricate details of the antique wooden chairs.

The second photo was taken in town while I was buying goods and veggies in the market. I was at a motorcycle parking area and I reckon I’d take a photo of this scene. I noticed how the man holding trays of eggs gets bored waiting for someone. Spot how his motorcycle has positioned to drive away immediately as soon as his companion arrives. And the lady who squats and is probably too tired to stand and wait for someone. The other guy also is busy looking at something or someone farther. While more others are busy on their own too.

The third photo was taken early morning – rush hour. No need to tell how busy these people are or even these vehicles are.

I hope I have the right selection for this challenge.

Thank you for reading.

2 responses to “CBWC: Busy Photos But With A Purpose”

  1. Marvelous busy black and whites for the week. Great story telling too 😀


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